Steven D. Schroeder

Poet & Editor

Favorite Contemporary Poems Online

Hunger | Kelli Russell Agodon

History | Aaron Anstett

Pluto Shits on the Universe | Fatimah Asghar

The Cruel Wheel Turns Twice | Mary Jo Bang

Customer Service Is | Sandra Beasley

Poet Wrestling With the Fruit | Rosebud Ben-Oni

River I Dream About | Oliver Baez Bendorf

The Perfect City Code | Richard Blanco

Lies I Tell | Sara Borjas

13 Questions for the Next Economy | Susan Briante

Dear Eros, | Traci Brimhall

Bullet Points | Jericho Brown

Late Twentieth Century in the Form of Litany | Gabrielle Calvocoressi

And Death Demands a Labor | Sumita Chakraborty

We Are High Performers | Victoria Chang

We Used Our Words We Used What Words We Had | Franny Choi

One Way of Doing Battle | Lisa Ciccarello

The Committee Weighs In | Andrea Cohen

All the Trees of the Field Shall Clap Their Hands | Eduardo C. Corral

Six Apologies, Lord | Olena Kalytiak Davis

The Youngest Living Thing in L.A. | Darcie Dennigan

We Are Bored | Danielle Cadena Deulen

Catching Copper | Natalie Diaz

Ways Things Vanish | Todd Dillard

Ten Qualities as a Cosmo Girl I Really Want in My Man | Denise Duhamel

There Is a Devil Inside Me | Carolina Ebeid

100 Bells | Tarfia Faizullah

Litany for a Table of Immovable Feasts | Gina Franco

Dear America | Suzanne Frischkorn

How We Take Our Grief | Kimberly Grey

She Had Some Horses | Joy Harjo

Tatterdemalion | francine j. harris

American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin | Terrance Hayes

Generic Husband | Rebecca Hazelton

Let Them Not Say | Jane Hirshfield

Empire | Mark Irwin

How to Listen | Major Jackson

This Is My First Rodeo | Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

Millennials | Charles Jensen

Combustion | Sara Eliza Johnson

Firing Squad | Ilya Kaminsky

The Children’s Hour | Li-Young Lee

Mad Lib Elegy | Ben Lerner

The Undressing Day | Ada Limón

Olduvai Gorge Thorn Tree | Sarah Lindsay

Oh Grow Up | Dora Malech

habitual | Nate Marshall

Mindscreen | Donna Masini

Song of the Powers | David Mason

Battle Royal | Adrian Matejka

A Brief History of Hostility | Jamaal May

Whose Story of Us We Is Told Is Us | Shane McCrae

The Quiet World | Jeffrey McDaniel

Ghost Eden | Erika Meitner

Bombing the City | Wayne Miller

Meeting the British | Paul Muldoon

Semaphore | Sarah Murphy

Small Murders | Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Letter to Someone Living Fifty Years From Now | Matthew Olzmann

Written by Himself | Gregory Pardlo

If It Must Be Winter | Carl Phillips

Flying Over the Nebraska of My Life | Marge Piercy

In a Beautiful Country | Kevin Prufer

The Case of the Double Jinx | Nancy Reddy

Leaves of Grass | Justin Phillip Reed

A House Called Tomorrow | Alberto Ríos

Free Radical | Alison C. Rollins

Equinox | Stefene Russell

Prayer for the Mutilated World | sam sax

Falling Life | Zachary Schomburg

Bowl | Diane Seuss

the way we live now | Evie Shockley

Saying Your Names | Richard Siken

Skinhead | Patricia Smith

Cuckoo | Larissa Szporluk

Here, Bullet | Brian Turner

October Song | Lindsay Turner

Almighty | Jeanann Verlee

Deadbeat | Sara Moore Wagner

The Present | Ryo Yamaguchi

Hush | Jake Adam York

Sepsis | C. Dale Young