New Poems:

Mad Libs (originally published in Barrow Street)
Two from marginaliapocalyptica (The Boiler)
Scenario Editor (Boxcar Poetry Review)
Outside View of the Victory Festivities (Crazyhorse)
Yellowed (Four Way Review)
Crossfire (Ink Node)
Jury Rigging (inter|rupture)
X (The Journal)
Phrases for Tourists & Intercourse (Matter)
Official Statement (Michigan Quarterly Review)
The News (originally published in Natural Bridge)
Three poems (Powder Keg)
Three poems + Q&A (Prime Number)
Words Perfect for First Dates (Sixth Finch)
Endnotes (St. Louis Poetry Center)
Two from marginaliapocalyptica (Superstition Review)
Aaahhh! (Vinyl)

Poems from The Royal Nonesuch:

Everything Looks like a Target (The Collagist)
Haunted by Waters & What Moves In the Attic (diode)
Only the Name of the Airport Changes (Drunken Boat)
Five poems (Front Porch)
Better Consider My National Resources (Hot Metal Bridge)
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start (originally published in Indiana Review)
Another Word That Rhymes with Shame (Jet Fuel Review)
I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means (originally published in The Laurel Review)
Brief, but Frank & Gin Don’t Mess with Me (The Offending Adam)
Trouble There on the Frontier (originally published in Pleiades)
Imbecile, Donkey, Flax-Head, Dope, Glump, Ninny and Fool & A Place to Hang Your Head (Prime Number)
Two poems (Sawbuck)
Three poems (Thrush)
Two poems & Do Not Have Birds on Your Book Cover (UCity Review)
A Familiar Conversation (Waccamaw)
Their Sons Grow Suicidally (originally published in Whiskey Island)

From Torched Verse Ends:

So You Want a Worker
Clockwork (originally published in The American Poetry Journal)
Deathmatch Mode (originally published in Bat City Review)
Coal Seam Fire (originally published in The Bitter Oleander)
We Never Did Anything (originally published in Copper Nickel)
Phoenix, Colorado & Without Glasses (diode)
Self Portrait in a Funhouse Mirror (The Pedestal)
Late Night Driver at Lightning Lizard Pizza, Advice on the Psych Ward, Who Sketches the Sketchers, & Albuquerque Low (Seven Corners)
Here Be Dragons (Valparaiso Poetry Review)
Colorado Strata

90 Percent of Everything (e-chapbook, Scantily Clad Press)


Poem of the Week (with three poems)
Spark Wheel Press
The Journal
The Collagist
First Book Interviews
Barn Owl Review
32 Poems / Savvy Verse & Wit


Big Rock Reading Series
River Styx at the Tavern Reading Series